Tetakawi Hill

The Tetakawi hill is an emblem of high landscape value for San Carlos, where the indigenous Yaquis and Seris survived; besides that his mystical silhouette strengthened the warrior spirit and soul of the nomad Indian. Its name was given by the Yaquis, which means "Mountain of Stone". Teta (stone) Kawi (mountain).

"The Icon of San Carlos"

Scenic Viewpoint

El Mirador has an incomparable view of the Sea of ​​Cortez and the Cerro del Tetakawi. The San Carlos Scenic Lookout leads the Top 10 Ocean Views in the World, according to National Geographic magazine. The viewpoint is even above Hawaii, Australia or Iceland.

"The most spectacular view to the ocean -NatGeo"

Marina San Carlos

San Carlos has two world class marinas: Marina San Carlos and Marina Real, both with docks and just over 700 jetties. With boat or without it you can enjoy spectacular views and sunsets in these areas.

"The largest natural marine in Latin America"

Estero del Soldado

This wonderful site declared Natural Protected Area by the Government of the State, is an aquatic ecosystem that has 557 species of plants and animals. It is one of the few wetlands that has three different species of mangrove (red, black and white), it is also considered among the most important estuaries in Mexico.

"A sanctuary in Sonora"

Nacapule Canyon

Exotic ecosystem in the middle of the desert, where you can observe very particular flora and fauna. Thanks to its rugged topography and climate, this micro habitat includes water eyes, palm trees, cacti, trees of the famous nacapule and is an important shelter during the summer for some species of felines and other mammals.

"A new adventure"


In addition to the exclusive sites to play golf, in San Carlos you can also practice sports such as fishing, kayaking, horseback riding, snorkeling, diving, mountain biking, among others. All this enjoying the unparalleled nature and climate.

"Live San Carlos"